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27 Apr 2016
When it comes to online business websites, Wordpress certainly seems to be one of the most popular. There are a lot of reasons to use Wordpress. There's no charge to use it, and it's a simple to customize and use. It never hurts to know CSS or HTML, but it's not necessary with Wordpress. You can buy a nice theme, or template, but there are plenty of nice ones available for totally free. If there's something specific you want to do, then you can do that with the help of plugins. There are so many plugins at your complete disposal that will help you with your online marketing. There are some plugins applicable and well-suited for IM, so let's talk about some.

Every internet marketer and blogger should have the FD Feedburner Plug-in. It's pretty simple because it just transforms your RSS feed into a feed for Feedburner. Lots of people like RSS because site content is delivered to their desktop, and there's no reason to go to the site. When you post new content to your site, your RSS feed will automatically update any subscribers, and they can check it out. So it's really convenient because it eliminates the need to check a bunch of sites for fresh content each day. There are all different kinds of readers for different RSS formats, and Feedburner is a sort of universal format for everyone to use.

The Wordpress Mobile Pack is a plug-in that makes your Wordpress website look pretty on mobile phone internet browsers. With so many people using cellular phones to manage their lifestyle, making sure that your site works well on mobile browsers is important. An interesting option with this plugin is users can view a site, on their phones, in the usual pc browser format, or the regular mobile browser display. This way your viewers and readers can choose whichever format best suits them. They'll have the choice of what best suits their preferences.

You can begin relationship building right away by using the WP Greet Box Plug-in. This plug-in allows you to set a "greeting" message for viewers who find your website through certain other sites. You'll configure it to say something like, "Welcome Twitter user!", if they come to your site from Twitter. The choice is yours for what site you want the greeting to say. It's unique and visitors will feel like you appreciate them for clicking on your link. It will also serve to remind people to do some bookmarking for you. Wordpress is an incredibly handy tool to have in your internet marketing arsenal. The attitude toward Wordpress has changed so much because IM marketers realize how powerful it is and what it can do. Wordpress is a tool available to anyone and can be used by anyone. Even internet marketers who have never blogged before in their lives can use Wordpress. For those who always thought it was hard to do, or expensive, well it's not and can be used by them. It's easy because with all the plugins, you can make it into anything you want.

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